Saturday, 4 June 2011

Ready: Movie review

Starring: Salman Khan, Asin, Arya Babbar, Paresh Rawal, Puneet Issar, Mahesh Manjrekar
Directed by
Anees Bazmee
Note: * 1 / 2
Complainant happy! Salman is back and this time, the inner belt of the pants pockets violin (read: Dhinka Chika, if you do not have a TV at home). The thing is Salman films that they are in a genre. A genre that can not be used in the story, screenplay, performance or other measures to assess other films can be classified. They can only be enjoyed or suffered, depending on the elasticity of tolerance. I hope you keep this vague warning before reading this review, before the monsoon to see this musical. 

But you are on this site in the hope of getting an idea of ​​this movie, we are going to work. The film is about a spoiled brat named Prem (Salman 14th time that a screen name was used) and your family happy annoying. Prem's father, Rajveer Kapoor (Mahesh Manjrekar), the memory of a goldfish and staged their disability constantly making vulgar gestures and written to describe physics at all that you can not return to the search. Prem has two uncles and aunts live with them in expanding their territories throughout Thailand, Sri Lanka and Film City, Goregaon. There is also an older neighbor happens to lurk forever in the Kapoor household level (the only way to get through?). 


In any case, the film is a mess, when marinated in a first flight, is Sanjana (Asin), the residence Kapoor, under the guise of Prem's girlfriend. Not surprisingly, he won all hearts with his cliche tactics (morning bhajans, older relatives, Prem contempt, etc.) Now, Sanjana has a dark past and even darker relations, including a band of a variety of types sick past and present, ignore all the wig in a clothes. Some of these include, Baden Mama (Sharad Saxena), Chote Mama (Akhilendra Mishra), Baden-Dada (Puneet Issar) and some other indescribable Bollywood followers.

In Hindi films, if not rule the product of evil, at least you can cheat to change sides. Thus, the development of Kapoor's most ridiculous plan (even bother to mention here) get to the Chaudhary (Uncle Sanjana) engage in some soul cleansing, starting with the section of his "chotis" (the root of all evil?). 

After a few songs, Hamming exaggerated and dialogue as "Iska nahin koi station. Isse acha hain ki aap Karlo Station Book" and "In this case, the stock FCA Aaja mere what you want out of the chika dhinka the film room. But the film refuses to do so, as unnecessary confusion and complications pile up and asks if there is enough left role to delete all. Fortunately, answered their prayers, that the film be seen as a work of schools, with the criminals, that they are wrong and vowed that peace must be closed. Sigh blunt.

"Chika Dhinka" probably earn enough and whistles "Dheela character" leaves many breathless. But if you expect a laugh-a-thon, then you're in the wrong movie. Salman gives her a 10 percent discount on packages with 200 percent confidence and style. Asin could certainly have the opportunity for Chip 'n' Dale's next film, where his career as an actor copy as not to fall into place.

If you leave this movie, it will take little to him, Salman violin from his back pocket and the friction of the dance. But have then, when was Anees Bazmee film-making in a sense, interested in the same "no entry", "Welcome" or "Thanks." What would you say, "No, thanks" for your next multi-role main course?

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