Saturday, 4 June 2011

Bollywood Buzz

Katrina and Zarine
Zarina, Katrina are inspired to do everything to be a clone. Their physical resemblance is undeniable. Zarina Khan was "Fatrina for no reason at all. Even after losing 15 pounds, which seems more than likely lose seems more than a decade to the current version of Sheila Katrina are similar. OK, it's the fashion sense and Zarina positions particularly be affected by Hurricane Katrina Kaif.
Katrina and Zarine
View Zarina were still a couple of weeks after Katrina, which is obviously "inspired" by whom. Recently, however, having lost lots of weight, Zarina Kat seems confident enough to western / casual wardrobe for ideas, as well as RAID. She has already tried the similar dresses for the red carpet, but that only made ​​a sticky version of the Kat.
Kagna Ranaut
The widow Retro Bollywood is ready to make a comeback in Reliance Entertainment and Double Dhamaal Maruti International. Kangna Ranaut movie playing a character by the role of Jaya Bachchan in Sholay inspired. A source said: "The widow Sholay form par excellence is back with double Kangna Dhamaal Sholay inspired by" widow resemble iconic style of director Kangna, a scene from the movie .. "

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