Monday, 16 May 2011

Ragini MMS review

Cast: Motivala Kainaz, Raj Kumar Yadav
Director Pawan Kriplani
Rating: ***

Those who say they enjoy not just horror films are the ones who shit their pants. Those who say they enjoy shitting their pants. And "Ragini MMS" has many scenes that, well, in a visit to Bath. The only problem, you do not go alone.
Ragini MMS

A different kind of ambassador is the first film, which is in "The Blair Witch Project" it is not a witch hunt is but a disembodied spirit of hunting, what his (yes, c is a woman) is done in all prey to its start runway.
The story begins with ellipses by a young couple filming each other with a Handycam plan a trip out of town, where apparently the idea itself is intimate. The boy, Uday (Raj Kumar Yadav) has another secret plan, while the girl, Ragini (Kainaz Motivala) is really involved and not knowing the real reasons for her boyfriend. Your love nest is done, a bungalow can imagine strange shape in the middle of dense forest. As you can imagine is what would follow. But the terror, though imminent, is not ready, take it on the head. In fact, there are scenes in which your head between your knees with your fingers on the inside of the ears attracted tuck.

Uday secret plan is apparently out the window, that inexplicable incidents one after the other and the two gradually concerns and to follow helpless. While the "presence" is furnished with subtlety, grunting, groaning and panting monitor. Well this is the time when horror movies indian lose their luster, it creates the longest time with a beautiful view of slow change to keep the right amount of fear. Will they be condemned for good or is there hope? Frankly, you want more of what makes this film with the heart healthy.

The recipe for fear is not indicative of the spirit many times in the film. As several appearances just another mind characters seem in the film and distributes the "para" in the paranormal. Here is an almost ideal combination with a few screenshots of the spirit that many doors creak and causes much harm invisible hands. What this means is that your hearing and all you hear faint crackling of improvement, while you do sit down and see where it comes from.

For a film with no known name in the cast or crew, this movie was really moved outside the park to make a mark. Fortunately, he was a pretty decent job in the department and the phantom effect Handycam, although annoying at first, is later used expertly to enhance these spine-tingling experience. Raj is very coarse and contemptible character, and his wishes will Kainaz cries echoing in your ears long after you are in film.
This may not be the scariest movie of all time, but when come to expect from a small budget erotic adventure, it makes you drop your seat. Certainly, MMS is the cause, the sleepless nights can.

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